Feb 4, 2020: Mizzoni sizzles with his best album to date Review - Spill Magazine

By Aaron Badgley

The first thing you will notice when Forever kicks off, is just how much Len Mizzoni continues to grow with each release. Forever is extremely well-produced pop music. The sound of an accomplished artist, who is not afraid to combine genres, comes pouring through the speakers. This is well-arranged and performed music that rolls jazz, pop, and rhythm and blues all together.

Forever is Mizzoni’s third solo album and follows closely on the heels of 2019’s Better Days. This is not an artist who stops creating. On Forever, Mizzoni easily incorporates many styles and seems to have moved into whole new areas. Forever demonstrates Mizzoni’s continued desire to move into areas and develop as a writer, musician, and singer.

The songs are instantly likeable and accessible. Many of the songs could easily be singles. “Dangerous” has a great groove and could be remixed for club and dance play, while “Let me Love You” is a stunningly beautiful ballad. Both, given radio play, would be hits. But the same could be said for most of the album. Mizzoni writes remarkably melodic songs.

Lyrically, this is a deeply personal album full of love songs, but also personal reflections. Take a listen to “Sometimes”, a beautiful, self-confessional song. It is a highlight of the album, and Mizzoni sings the songs beautifully. At times he brings to mind Peter Gabriel, but overall, the vocals are clearly his own.

One time member of Frozen Ghost, Mizzoni has come a long way since that band and is embarking on his own. Forever is a great album full of memorable songs. Mizzoni has learned his craft well, as a musician, a writer, as well as a producer as he produced the album himself. My only complaint is that this album cries out for vinyl. Small criticism, however, because this album is a treat and demands repeated plays.

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Jan 15, 2020: Mizzoni sizzles with his best album to date Review - King Sentinel

By Mark Pavilons

Following up on worldwide exposure for his 2019 hit, King’s Len Mizzoni will release what he calls his best album so far. The prolific songwriter and musician is thrilled with “Forever” and its single “It’s You Always been You.” The album is set for a Feb. 3 release. Mizzoni said this album is a mixed bag – everything you could want in terms of adult contemporary tunes.

“It’s You Always been You” is an upbeat song about true love that may even get you moving. “Forever” is typical of Mizzoni’s style and eloquence – perfect vocals and an interesting delivery of harmony and chorus. His style is a fusion of old school jazz, pop, dance and even country.

He considers himself as a strong songwriter, but make no mistake, Mizzoni is multi-talented. Not only does he write, perform and produce his own material, he’s an accomplished musician and former member of the Juno Award winning band Frozen Ghost.

Drawing inspiration from pretty much everywhere, Mizzoni is a creative machine. This is due, in part, to his in-home recording studio and vast “toolbox” of digital assortments.

Mizzoni’s popularity on social media and music sights has exploded in the past year, due to his highly successful Better Days in 2019 and Waves of Indigo in 2018. Both received extensive international airplay in more than 40 countries.

With more than 150 titles in his catalogue, Mizzoni is simply thrilled to be so productive at this stage of his life. He left his music career in the 1980s and has become a successful entrepreneur. He returned to songwriting roughly six years ago and ever since has been a creative powerhouse. His passion and accolades from around the globe, fuel his motivation to keep going.

He hits the studio every day, spending three to five hours a day enveloped in the creative process. “I love the flexibility of having my own studio,” he said, noting last year alone he wrote and produced 40 songs. Mizzoni said he tends to write the music first, starting the chorus. That dictates the direction and lyrics of the song. While it’s a bit of a reverse order, it works well for him.

He still has an itch to perform live on stage. During the photo shoot for his new album cover, Mizzoni found himself on stage, getting lost in his own music. The new single “It’s You Always been You” has been sent to 150 radio stations across North America and has gone viral on SoundCloud. His list of followers has ballooned to over 5,500.

Now that Mizzoni is “locked in,” we’ll be hearing a lot more of him in the months and years to come. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to see him perform live. The new album Forever was produced by Mizzoni and Alexander Dedov, mixed and mastered by Michael Sarracini at Mono Road Music. For more, visit or visit

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Jan 3, 2020: 'It's You Always Been You' Review - SPILL Magazine

The first single by Len Mizzoni from his forthcoming new album Forever, set for release on February 3, 2020, is “It’s You Always Been You.” Len is a singer/songwriter/producer and versatile musician, and was a former member of the Juno award winning band Frozen Ghost. Len’s previous two critically-acclaimed albums, Waves of Indigo, released in 2018, and Better Days in 2019, have both received extensive international airplay in more than forty countries. Len’s brilliant songwriting and hook-laden choruses are evident in “It’s You Always been You,” and indeed throughout the album, and this new single is the perfect tonic for AC Radio during these cold winter months. The new album Forever was Produced by Len Mizzoni and Alexander Dedov, and was Mixed and Mastered by Michael Sarracini at Mono Road Music.

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Feb 8, 2019: 'Better Days' Review - Cashbox Magazine

Makes sense a former Frozen Ghost won’t let a little thing a Polar Vortex keep Len Mizzoni outa the studio. Hot on the heels of last year’s well-received solo debut Waves Of Indigo, comes the follow-up, Better Days, dropping Feb.15.

Len received extensive Canadian and International radio airplay, and many positive reviews, for his 2018 debut album including in Cashbox Canada and Spill magazine.

First teaser from the album is "I've Got This Feeling." Has Lenny riffing like a freshly smitten man atop a sweet and catchy melody yoked to a great chorus, singing in his best range, dropping lines like 'I’ve got this feeling/ says my head is reeling/ like a man barely able to contain his joy.' It’s a brightly coloured dollop of pop and it works well; highly danceable, the heartfelt vocal can put a smile on your face, it moves along briskly and I’ve got this feeling it wouldn’t sound out of place on a romcom soundtrack.


Feb 4, 2019: 'Better Days' Review -

Ontario-based recording artist Len Mizzoni brings dramatic passion, deep soul and lively romantic energy to his second solo album BETTER DAYS.

These heartfelt, modern themed, atmosphere-rich songs reflect the craftsman powerful and heartfelt jazzy, urban pop sensibilities. We love Len! Once you hear the infectious melodies and hooky tunes on this new project, you’ll be into better days in yourself!

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Feb 1, 2019: 'Better Days' Review - SPILL Magazine
Posted by Aaron Badgley

Better Days is Len Mizzoni’s second full-length solo album. The first thing that strikes the listener is the confidence he exudes both in the songwriting and the performance. On Better Days, he adds more experimental sounds, music, and lyrics to his unique brand of jazz/pop, making it a stronger album than his debut, Waves of Indigo.

The album kicks off with the wonderfully catchy "Better Days", a tip of the hat to the 1980s. With Mizzoni’s voice complemented by some incredible instrumentation, the song soars and takes the listener along for the ride. It is a wonderful introduction to the album, as he presents a very optimistic view, hoping for “better days”. The rest of the album follows a similar path, with a fair amount of reflection ("Take Me to Graceland"), while also looking forward.

There are also some playful moments. For example, "Love You Emoji" is a lovely song and full of charm. He then shifts the mood with the somewhat darker "Gotta Get Started". Meanwhile, “All I Need” demonstrates Mizzoni’s ability to write a melodic dance song which demands some remixes.

The diversity contributes to the album’s beauty, mainly because Mizzoni is able to pull it off. The lyrics are full of reflections about his relationships and the past, which fit well with the music he chooses to accompany the words.

This album is less jazz and more pop. His roots in 1980s synth-pop and his own musical history are obvious, but this is not a criticism. Mizzoni references his influences while creating a whole new sound for himself. He has expanded his musical lexicon with Better Days, and it is always exciting to see an artist grow and develop, even one who has been around for a while. Better Days is a brilliant pop album, well-constructed and well-played, full of great songs and diverse sounds. It never gets repetitive or boring. If anything, he keeps the listener engaged.

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Jan 30, 2019: 'Better Days' Review - King Weekly Sentinel
Posted by Mark Pavilons on 2019/01/30

Better Days are here, thanks to King’s Len Mizzoni.

His newest CD release is an upbeat, at times thought-provoking album that covers the gamut of human emotions. Launching the vinyl is the catchy, body-moving title track Better Days, which instantly puts you in a good mood. Len has a habit of giving you some upbeat tunes that make you smile, before hitting you with some poignant messages in the other tracks.

"Solitude," one of my favourites, conjures up an image of inner soul searching. "Sad Songs" is something we can all relate to, especially during personal hurdles. "I’m not Made of Stone" is another favourite of mine. It brings to mind that image of walking in the rain at 3 a.m. on a deserted city street – a place we’ve all been to in our lives, literally or figuratively.

Mizzoni’s material is short, snappy and easy listening. It’s entertaining and a great distraction, whether playing on the work computer or listening to in the car. Len’s stuff tends to evoke memories and feelings from the past, and bring back those sights, sounds and smells that we once longed for.

The lyrics are relatable without being preachy or deep. At times, it’s a roller coaster ride of upbeat fun pieces and sombre, thought-provoking tunes. Len’s topics centre around love - lost loves and the love of your life – woven together nicely.

When the CD is over, I’m left wanting more - sad because it’s over, but smiling because it happened!

For more, visit or find the CD at iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify or Google Play.

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Apr 17, 2018: "Waves Of Indigo" Review - Listening Loft Store

A onetime saxophonist with Juno Award winning Canadian band, Frozen Ghost, and multi-talented session musician, Len Mizzoni emerges as a remarkably soulful and insightful singer-songwriter on his eclectic debut album WAVES OF INDIGO. Creating an artful fusion of jazz and soul, he blends elements of shimmering pop, ambient electronica, lush old school R&B, trippy grooves and tender acoustic grace. Those lay a beautiful foundation for an inviting, increasingly sensual vocal experience.

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Mar 5, 2018: "Waves Of Indigo" Review - Cashbox Magazine

Posted by Lenny Stoute on 2018/03/05

So Multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, producer, arranger and former Frozen ghost Len Mizzoni just dropped his debut full-length Waves of Indigo. It steps sure-footedly through the light jazz and smart pop turf marked out on 2016' EP Special Love. Mizzoni's guitar wizardry moves effortlessly between genres and never is heard a subversive word because this is as good and accessible as contemporary jazz pop gets. Faves round here are "Round And Round", "Don't Fake The Funk" and "Memories I Can't Erase."

Support live music. You'll be the better for it.

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Feb 21, 2018: Len Mizzoni's music stretches across genres, generations General News - King Weekly Sentinel

Posted by Mark Pavilons on 2018/02/21

Len Mizzoni has a lot to say, and he's imparting his wisdom through a cornucopia of original music.

The King resident and business owner believes it's never too late to follow your dreams. He's no late bloomer by any means. Mizzoni has simply reignited the spark that's always been a part of his life. He's just more mature.

Mizzoni's music crosses all boundaries and genres. Like a fine wine, his lyrics are better with age, more profound and even more fun. You feel his passion in every note he sings.

Mizzoni just released his first album, "Waves of Indigo," available on iTunes, Sound Cloud and through his website ( Len has amassed a massive collection of songs, from pop and soft rock, to smooth jazz, country, R&B and even Christian. His versatility knows no bounds. And neither does his talent.

"My goal, my dream, as a writer, is to have a song on every chart," he said.

Mizzoni wrote, sang and co-produced the 12 songs on Waves of Indigo. David O'Hearn was co-producer, engineer and mastered the album.

Mizzoni's music career has taken some interesting, winding roads. He worked and toured with Juno Award-winning band Frozen Ghost, and also worked with Lighthouse and Prokop.

Frozen Ghost was a Canadian rock band formed in 1985 in Toronto by Arnold Lanni and Wolf Hassel who were previously with the band Sheriff. The band received a Juno Award for "Most Promising Group of the Year" in 1987. The group placed five songs in the Canadian top 40 between 1987 and 1992, including "Should I See" an anti-censorship song that reached number 69 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles in 1987. The video for that song was nominated at the 1987 Juno Awards for Best Video of the Year. You'll also likely know the band's hits "Dream Come True," and "Promises."

Mizzoni retired from the scene to raise a family with his wife Rita and launch their businesses.

Music permeates one's soul and it never left Len. He got the "itch" in a bad way some five years ago and has become a prolific writer, recording dozens and dozens of songs. His catalogue now numbers 70 songs and growing. Len's unique style and voice leaves you wanting more and more of his material.

In "Waves of Indigo", Mizzoni comes across as one cool cat. His songs range from the smooth, classic sounds of "Boogeyman," to his warm ballads ("Lovely Lady, Angel") that could make the charts of top adult contemporary hits. Some have that feeling of caressing the microphone in a smokey bar, or others transport you back to a time when music was simple. "Be Kind," inspired by a sentiment of Ellen DeGeneres, has a 1970s Mowtown vibe that makes you want to get up and rejoice in our commonality.

"Waves of Indigo" is a unique blend of mostly feel-good tunes. Listening to Len's CD, you feel like you're watching your favourite movie with a big bowl of popcorn - comfort food for the soul.

He's prolific and won't shy away from challenging topics. He's delicately covered subjects like cancer, bullying and even the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

"Live Love Laugh" is a song that points to Mizzoni's charity work. He's a big supporter of cancer research at Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital and he's involved with the Songs of Love Foundation. It's a non-profit organization that creates free personalized original songs to uplift children and teens facing tough medical, physical or emotional challenges.

Even though his CD was just released, songs are being played on radio stations across North America, and around the world in places like the UK and Spain. He's been getting calls and emails from other artists who call him "an inspiration."

It seems lighting that fire is contagious.

DJs have likened him to Peter Gabriel, noting Mizzoni has some "Philly soul."

At this point in his life, Len simply loves creating music. His eyes light up when he talks about a new song he's written, or a collaboration with his son. It's like he's discovered the fountain of youth and just wants to share it with the whole world.

If his music opens some doors for him, great. Maybe he'll put a band together and hit the road again. The versatile musician also plays piano, guitar and saxophone.

He's building a home studio so he create and produce songs at a high level, efficiently and quickly.

He feels that at this juncture, he has a lot to give.

"Good music doesn't have a 'best before' date," he said. "Why can't a 60-year-old write a hit song?"

Hearing his songs on the radio is a great feeling and makes it all real. It also allows him to dream. "You should never stop dreaming," he said. "I want to write songs that mean something."

As a veteran musician, Mizzoni isn't reinventing himself. He's just being himself.

From the sounds of it, he's going to be a very hot commodity, making some very big "waves".

Listen to Len's songs at Visit his website for more.

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Feb 16, 2018: "Waves Of Indigo" Review - Spill Magazine

Posted by Aaron Badgley on 2018/02/16

Len Mizzoni is no stranger to the music business. A one-time member of Frozen Ghost, Mizzoni has been solo for the last few years. This resulted in 2016's EP, "Special Love". His latest release, "Waves of Indigo", basically picks up where "Special Love" left off: quality light jazz mixed in with pop. Mizzoni considers "Waves of Indigo" as his first full-length album. To that end, it is one impressive debut album.

Mizzoni is an accomplished guitarist and writer. He has worked as a session musician for years, and this has allowed him to work with many different musicians in many different genres. As such, he has developed the ability to play in many styles, but on "Waves of Indigo" he is able to present his own distinct style. He can evoke a great deal of emotion in his playing before he even opens his mouth to sing. Mind you, his voice is not only pleasant; it is intriguing. As he sings, you may find yourself listening even closer to catch the words he is singing.

The album features 12 songs and opens with "Boogeyman". The piano sets the tone, invoking Shakespeare, and he advises that "music takes your mind off everything." Of course, he is right. Later in "Boogeyman", he sings, "Don't be afraid of the boogeyman." Mizzoni is not talking of monsters under the bed, but rather saying to let yourself get lost in music. And that is the overall theme of the album. Lose yourself, enjoy the rhythms, the beats, the playing. Don't be afraid to let go and get lost.

In this day and age, it's a lovely sentiment. Music can be political, can be a cry to war, can be a love song, or can be escape. Mizzoni chooses to sing love songs and let the listener leave their troubles at the door. Mizzoni has ventured into songs with a more social meaning (he did release the brilliant "Stop", an anti-bullying song last year as a one-off single, but it is not featured on this album, nor would it have fit), but here, Mizzoni has created a peaceful oasis in a crazy world. And in doing so, he has made a fine, loving album. It would make a perfect Valentine's Day gift or serve as the perfect soundtrack during a Valentine's Day date.

The album is very slick, well-produced and has a beautiful flow. There is, however, a sameness throughout the album. I was hoping there would be a few surprises thrown in, but that is fine. He is not trying to shock or startle. Mizzoni has created a very jazzy, soulful pop album.

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Feb 12, 2018: "Waves Of Indigo" Review - WAVE 94.7 FM

Posted by April Galenzoski on 2018/02/12

Known for working with the 80's/90's Canadian band Frozen Ghost in the studio and on the road - musician Len Mizzoni has just released his debut album and is available on Spotify. He's like most session players who gain their reputation in the studio - laying down tracks with perfection and style. Len has that and more he's co-produced his debut, written all the songs and plays it all - keyboards, bass, sax, guitar and I'm sure the drum tracks too. Here at the Wave - Len contact me personally and wanted to see if we would spin the single "Waves Of Indigo". A song with the Wave in the title and talking about the night - absolutely! Being the host of the Night Show here on the Wave - it was destiny. It's a funky guitar with cool synth/piano sounds highlighting Len's vocal style - reminiscent of a mixture of Peter Gabriel and some Philly soul. "Only You" is another stand out track with some 70's urban groove followed by "Live Love Laugh" - a song true to Len's heart. He's very proud of his philanthropy in support of cancer research at Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital and he's also involved with the Songs of Love Foundation - a non-profit organization that creates free personalized original songs to uplift children and teens facing tough medical, physical or emotional challenges. "Memories I Can't Erase" is chill and laid back, "Lovely Lady" is punchy and danceable with a slow smooth vibe and "Angel" reminds me of Steve Winwood. A great debut from one of ours - support Canadian music by purchasing their albums and supporting their live shows.
Gary James
The Wave
94.7 FM HD2

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